Nican Holdings Ltd. manufacturer of In-Viro-Drum™ remote access equipment
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In-Viro-Drum™  technology is being used in the most demanding applications.  The primary market is in Canadian industries, municipalities, coast guard and military which demand rugged performance.

However, In-Viro-Drum™ products are ideal for use around the world due to their size, adaptability, and easy mobility. In-Viro-Drum™ has grown significantly due to its reputation for solving difficult hazardous and other spill recovery problems.

Our People
The In-Viro-Drum™ team is fully committed to working with customers to develop new applications to unique situations. The development team brings many years of experience to the company and is constantly on the lookout for new ways to respond to customer needs.

In-Viro-Drum™ is always searching for national and international product distributors. Ask about the excellent potential of distributorship opportunities, foreign licensing and manufacturing agreements for In-Viro-Drum™’s products.