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In-Viro-Drum™ in Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

In-Viro-Drum™ units were described in an Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine Cover Story in the March 2012 issue. The article “Rules changed for storage tanks on federal and Aboriginal lands” outlines how Environment Canada’s rules for the control of leaks and contamination for petroleum products and allied petroleum storage systems on federal and Aboriginal lands have changed.

The article outline how In-Viro-Drum™ Heli-Portable units are an effective tool for meeting new compliance requirements.

“One example of new equipment on the market is the In-Viro-Drum from [Nican Holdings Ltd.] of Calgary. This system provides the performance of a vacuum truck in a package that is about the size of a tote tank (Approximately 4 ft x 4 ft). It weights 650 pounds and can be towed on a sled behind a snowmobile, or ATB. It can be mounted in the back of a four-wheel-drive truck, transported in a boat, or lifted by helicopter to a spill site. It can be maneuvered easily inside a building or on a building site.

“In the remote north, a unit could be quickly moved from community to community. Several units could rapidly be brought to one site for response to a serious spill, no matter what the weather or temperature.”

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