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In-Viro-Drum™ Advantages

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In-Viro-Drum™ Vacuum Units are very efficient, portable mobile spill recovery units. Their ease of use, portability and efficiency make them a powerful alternative to traditional vacuum trucks.

The developers of In-Viro-Drum™ have over 30 years of experience with the oil and gas service industry, specifically with vacuum trucks and pressure washers. They saw countless situations where traditional vacuum trucks were ineffective or had great difficulty access the spill site and developed the In-Viro-Drum™ Vacuum Units to fill a growing need.

The In-Viro-Drum™ Vacuum Unit Advantages

Highly Mobile: The In-Viro-Drum™ Heli-Portable Unit weighs less than 300 kg and can be easily transported by ATV, light boat, pick-up truck, tandem utility trailer and of course, as the name implies, helicopter. If you can get there by vehicle, you can get an In-Viro-Drum™ Vacuum Unit on site.

Powerful: First time users are always amazed by the suction power of the In-Viro-Drum™ Units. Any liquid, regardless of its viscosity, powders and even solids are quickly “sucked up” and deposited efficiently into containment vessels.

Efficient: The In-Viro-Drum™ Vacuum Units have been specifically tuned so they provide an efficient balance of suction power for “sucking up” most any solid, but also being able to efficiently skim hydro-carbons off of water. A In-Viro-Drum™ Vacuum Unit will typically be able to skim up to 80% of hydro-carbons in total recovered fluids, verses vacuum trucks which typically are not able to do much better than 10% hydrocarbons in total fluids recovered.

Easy to Operate: One of the biggest challenges with the oil and gas service industry is getting qualified labour. This is not an issue with In-Viro-Drum™ Vacuum Units. Within minutes inexperienced users can be trained and working effectively with an In-Viro-Drum™ Units. A number of safety features have also been built into In-Viro-Drum™ equipment to virtually eliminate any failures due to user error.

Easy Waste Handling: In-Viro-Drum™ Vacuum Units provide you with many different options for both capturing and storing waste. Typically In-Viro-Drum™ users vacuum waste into 45 gallon drums for easy capture, storage and transportation. However, with In-Viro-Drum™ Units you have the option of vacuum into other vessels, such as larger storage tanks or hoppers.

Low Cost of Ownership: Not only is In-Viro-Drum™ Vacuum Unit a fraction of the cost of a Vacuum Truck they are also incredibly inexpensive to maintain. An In-Viro-Drum™ Unit consumes only 1 litre of fuel per hour and requires only simple regular maintenance.

Durable: Even though In-Viro-Drum™ Units are light weight they are also made incredible durable. They are housed in a protective aluminum and square tub enclosure. One of our customers reported that while transporting an In-Viro-Drum™ Heli-Portable Unit by Helicopter it became entangled in a tree and the pilot had to drop the unit from about 10 feet off the ground. Other than a few scratches there was no damage to the unit and they were able to continue on to the site and the unit was able to do its job.

High Availability: Many of the above features, low cost, ease of use and durability make In-Viro-Drum™ Units very reliable and available when you need them.

Since 2002 In-Viro-Drum™ Portable Vacuum Units have been used in thousands of situations in all types of conditions and in some of the most remote locations. In-Viro-Drum™ Units have been used in a variety of sectors including Municipal, Oil and Gas, Construction, Mining, Coast Guard and Military. They have been used for recovering a very wide range of materials including oil, chemicals, contaminated water, powder and slurries.