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In-Viro-SCRUB is a vapor scrubbing accessory to be hooked to In-Viro-Drum™ units when removing vent gasses created when recovering products. The lightweight, compact unit is easily transportable and user friendly.

In-Viro-Scrub 600p

In-Viro-SCRUB units capture volatile or harmful vapors.  In-Viro-SCRUB provides yet another way In-Viro-Drum™ helps you to protect employees, the environment, property, and equipment.

How It Works
Trays packed with media scrub noxious vapors from substances being captured by In-Viro-Drum™ operations.  The trays are easily removed and repacked with a variety of media making the In-Viro-SCRUB effective for scrubbing harmful vapors from a variety of different materials.
In-Viro-SCRUB features the following:

  • high single pass efficiency
  • trays can be loaded/unloaded from either side of unit
  • unit contains 2″ Prefilter rack
  • approximate dimensions 60L x 24H x 24W inches
  • handles airflow of up to 400cfm
  • interchangeable dry media to scrub multiple products
  • removable, refillable media trays
  • approximate empty weight 100 lbs

media trays are available in:

  • standard cold rolled steel with a baked enamel finish
  • stainless steel
  • epoxy coated
  • plastic